Christian Dubowski

Now that you know my name let me introduce myself.

I grew up around coffee most of my life from bouncing back and forth between the United States and Brasil almost yearly until my teens to picking coffee and living on the farms.
It wasn't until later in life that I understood what coffee meant to me.

I have tons of stories simply ask my friends. Although those are just stories and I cannot share the experience. However what I can do is I can share the experience of coffee and how truly unique the bean truly is.

Coffee is my meditation it is when time stops for fifteen minutes while I am getting my brew ready before I sit down to enjoy a fresh latte.

Little did I know how big of an impact this bean would have on me.

Dan Loughlin

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania I am a huge metal fan I also love Baseball, Hockey, pretty much any sport. I never really liked coffee then I started drinking it and from there, I started  roasting coffee in my garage on a whirly pop popcorn maker with Christian.

Then.... There were the days figuring out espressos and having maybe a tad too much caffeine and not being able to sleep. Having my family and friends try our coffee and seeing how much they loved it led to this.

Wanderer Coffee Company.

Working now and after seeing how much improvement we have made it shows me how much we learned along the way. I’m always stunned to see how much my knowledge has grown from when I first started out to now.  No matter what business you’re in there’s always something new to learn and that’s what makes it fun.

Hands down the single most important thing is to have fun, because as the saying goes if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.

I can’t wait to share it with you!